The Top Three New York Casinos

June 22, 2012

The only casinos you will find in New York are Native American Casinos as there are no others to be found.  While there are other types of gambling around the state, the casinos are owned and operated by local tribes.  There are not many casinos unlike other states or even Nevada where gambling is fully legal so it may be difficult choosing one that is a good fit for you.  You may be looking for horse racing or a casino that offers top notch dining.  Perhaps you want to have a spa located in the casino so you can be pampered after a hard day at the tables. The majority of the casinos are in what is considered upstate New York with a few also located on the coast but they are gaming boats not traditional casinos.  So what are the top five New York casinos and where are they located?

Seneca Niagara Casino

The casino is owned by the Seneca Nation Tribe which is a part of the larger Iroquois Confederacy.  They are also owners of the Seneca Allegany Hotel and Casino and other properties around the New York Area.  You can take your honeymoon at Niagara Falls and then stop in the Seneca Niagara Casino to do a little gambling or you can get a room here as well.  This casino has a great deal of extras above and beyond three thousand slot machines and one hundred table games for the gamblers.

The casino also offers a world class spa where you can get a massage or other spa amenities after a day of gambling or a visit to the falls.  There are top of the line shows including concerts, comedy shows and clubs where guests can dance the night away just like any casino in Las Vegas.  You can dine at one of the restaurants located in the casino before heading to a concert or show.  There is also a buffet that offers prime rib as one of its choices so there is no lack of great food when you stay here.

The casino itself offers a wide variety of table games, slots and video poker so just about anyone can find a game to their liking.  There is a poker room for those who want to play some Texas Hold’em or you can choose to play blackjack on the casino floor.  There are thousands of penny slots many which offer huge progressive jackpots.  Those who prefer video poker will not be disappointed by the selection of poker machines with all of the popular games like Double Double Bonus and Triple Bonus Plus.  If you want to have a honeymoon or just want to visit Niagara Falls, take the time to stop by or stay at the Seneca Niagara Casino.

Saratoga Casino and Raceway

This casino is located in Saratoga Springs and boasts over seventeen hundred slot machines.  While it is not on the size and scale of Seneca, it does offer some great benefits that more than make up for the lack.  Unlike most casinos, this casino is not open twenty four hours and instead closes at four in the morning and opens back up again at nine in the morning.  This is unusual for a casino as the majority of them never close but there is still plenty of time to gamble and hang out with friends.

This casino also offers many of the most popular slot machines that are found in Vegas and other gaming communities with large jackpot payouts.  There have been millions of dollars won in slot jackpots alone in the casino.  You can also find all the best in video poker games plus they have a top notch player’s club that offers those who sign up a hundred dollars in free play.  The only other casinos that offer such a high sign up bonus are located in the bigger gaming cities.

Not only can you play in the casino, but there is also a world class race track for horse racing which also offers betting on the winning horses.  Horse racing is a tradition that spans generations in Saratoga Springs.  These horse races are of the harness and buggy type, not like what you would find in the Kentucky Derby but many people find this type of horse racing to be exciting and fun to wager on.  All in all, Saratoga Casino and Raceway makes for a great getaway for those who want to have the casino fun while still having a chance to watch live horse racing when it is in season.

Tioga Downs Casino

Another casino that offers harness racing along with gaming is Tioga Downs Casino.  Again, you can play slots and then bet and watch live horse racing all in one place.  New slot members are rewarded with up to thirty dollars in free play which can be used immediately in the casino.  There are the best slots located here and the casino also has a high roller slot room where gamers can wager up to five dollars per spin. Those who have never bet on horse racing can place their wagers at the self service kiosks.

Many people like to play in tournaments rather than risk all their money at one time.  Tournaments take longer to play and often offer a much higher reward for no buy in.  These tournaments are only offered to those who have joined the players club and have earned enough rewards to be invited to play.  The Hot Slots game is the one that is used in the tournament and these run all the time.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been rewarded in just tournament winnings so this is one of the best promotions that is run by casinos in the New York area.

Those who are looking for a little more excitement can go to one of the many concerts or one of the Vegas quality shows.  There is entertainment every weekend with a variety of acts to choose from and many are family friendly so bringing the kids is not a problem.  This casino also has a wide variety of restaurants that are also family friendly including a buffet that is very cost effective at seven bucks per person.  Even the children can eat enough food to make it worthwhile.  There is also a sports bar and other bar that are twenty one and over but they do serve food too.


There are not many New York casinos but the ones that are there are top notch and offer just as many amenities as the big casinos in Vegas.  Even though these casinos are Native American owned and operated, they have just as much to see and do as casinos in other locations such as Atlantic City.  You check out live shows, watch concerts and see live horse racing and wager on it as well.  You can also get the full spa treatment in many of the casinos to relax you after a hard day of gambling.  If you want to get married and honeymoon in Niagara Falls you can stop at the Seneca Niagara Casino or watch the harness races in Saratoga or Tioga Downs Casinos.

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